Toddlers - Ages 12 to 30 MONTHS

The days will be organized by a planned theme of the week that includes circle time, stories, Jesus time, art, songs, movement, sensory experiences and other hands-on activities. Talking, listening and singing with these children is essential for their language development.

As part of their day, the children will continue to learn and practice self-help skills and social relationships. It is important for children to learn to wash and dry their hands, find their shoes, put away their toys and learn to make choices. While doing all these things your child will be building adult and peer relationships. We want them to develop positive friendships and interactions with others. They will continue to learn how to follow simple directions. The children start the process of learning how to share materials. They will also learn about self-control and how to join activities.

Teachers encourage positive communication, emphasizing expression of emotions and social interactions, in a loving Christian atmosphere.