Preschool 4's

Our Preschool 4 Program is designed to prepare children for Kindergarten. Children progress through their preschool years at different rates and have a wide range of abilities. It is our goal to build on these abilities and interests as we guide and teach them. We will provide opportunities for learning to meet the individual needs of each child to the best of our ability.

We partner with the families to continue teaching by example not only preschool skills but also the love the Lord has for them through our daily devotions, prayers, and learning Bible stories from the curriculum “One in Christ”.  The program begins with building a positive relationship between the teacher, family, and the child. Once this relationship is built we are ready to learn in a positive way.

The program is built strongly on language arts which includes a letter of the week, story time, handwriting skills, and communication skills. Our program also includes science which we do hands on activities to encourage critical thinking skills. The math curriculum introduces concepts through exploration at their level. Physical activity is an integral part of a child’s development therefore our program includes opportunities for participating in activities to encourage health and fitness.