Family Ministry

Our understanding of family ministry is not limited to simply people related by blood, but it encompasses all who are connected by the blood of Christ. As a church family we believe that we are. all brothers and sisters in Christ .   

Small Groups

What is a Small Group? 

A St. Paul Small Group is a gathering of people (usually 4-12 adults) who gather in homes, restaurants, the church, and various locations to connect with other believers. In a small group you will find caring people who not only know your name but share your concerns and support you in your spiritual journey. It’s a place to call home.

Why Join a St. Paul Small Group? 

As St. Paul Lutheran Church continues to grow larger, we must also grow smaller at the same time. Connecting people in a small group is not just a sub-ministry of the church. It is a smaller form of the church. We take family units – the smallest form of the church – and connect them with other people. We are called to live the Christian life with the support of others. All of us connecting to Christ and to each other is Christ’s plan for the church.